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Sep 18,2020

USTB-NISCO Founded a Joint Research Center for Solidification and Cooling Control Technology of Continuous Casting

On September 17th 2020, University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) and Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.NISCOset up a Joint Research Center for Solidification and Cooling Control Technology of Continuous Casting, and the opening ceremony was held in the new building of NISCO. Eleven experts of USTB attended the ceremony, including Prof. Wu Aixiang (vice President of USTB), Prof. Liu Xuefeng (President of the Institute of Science and Technology at USTB), Prof. Guo Zhancheng (Director of SKLAM) and Prof. Zuo Haibin (Deputy Director of SKLAM) etc. Mr. Huang Yixin, Chairman of NISCO participated in the ceremony in company with leaders of NISCO. Mr. Chu Juefei, vice president of NISCO, hosted the activity.

On behalf of USTB and SKLAM, Wu Aixiang delivered a speech on the establishment of the research center. He reviewed the development history of USTB, which is founded, developed and flourished along with the development of China steel industry. USTB has always been taking it as its mission to meet the country's major needs and lead the technological progress of the steel industry, making significant contributions to the economic development and the technological innovation of the industry. NISCO is a super large steelmaking enterprise in China, with the world's advanced production line of super and special steels, and is ranked at the 14th place in the newly released technological competitiveness rankings of steel enterprises in the world in 2020. The establishment of the research center will further strengthen the deep cooperation between USTB and NISCO, which has a long history of cooperation in a wide range of areas. Prof. Wu also hoped that both sides will comprehensively promote the construction of research centers, continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation in scientific and technological research and development, personnel training, and other fields, and jointly improve the independent innovation ability of both USTB and NISCO.

As a distinguished alumnus of USTB, President Huang Yixin expressed his deep feelings for USTB in his speech. USTB is a renowned university in the metallurgical industry with strong scientific research strength. Huang Yixin fully affirmed the outstanding contributions of USTB in the development of China's iron and steel industry in the past 70 years, and looked back at the glorious development course of NISCO. He described the recent work of NISCO in scientific research investment, R&D system construction and innovation culture construction, and emphasized the great benefits of platform innovation in the aggregation of superior forces. The research center established by the two parties will gather renowned scholars from USTB and the core technical backbone of NISCO to carry out systematic research and in-depth research, which is of vital significance to the high-quality development of NISCO. Regarding the future operation of the research center, Huang Yixin cited President Xi's speech at the symposium of scientists, stressed the importance of fundamental research and the transformation of achievements, and hoped that the research center would pay attention to improving the digital research and development.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. Liu Qing, co-director of the research center, made a report on the work plan of the research center in the coming year. Experts from USTB also communicated with NISCO about the projects of continuous-casting slab quality control and new steel development.