Jun 10,2020

Good news! Ronglu ZHU won the 14th President's Medal of USTB

President's medal of USTB is the top honor for students at our university. The evaluation is  proceeded annually to select the best students who are about to finish their bachelor, master or PhD study. The winners are awarded with gold metal in the graduate ceremony. 

In the up-to-date round of competition, our postgraduate student of SKLAM Ronglu Zhu successfully made it. He passed the evaluation of academic committee of SKLAM and USTB in sequence and competed with a ground of top students from the other schools and institutes, and finally won his place in the top 19 recipients of 14th President's Medal. 

Mr Zhu enrolled as a master student in 2017 and his mentor is our deputy director (Prof. Haibin Zuo). During his Master study, he worked hard and obtained superior academic achievements, including 5 publication and attending two international conferences. He is also a humble person and gets along well with his research team and classmates. Prof. Zuo helped him dramatically in his academic study.