May 22,2020

Our industrial and global vision

SKLAM research is dedicated to addressing real-world problems of ironmaking/steelmaking industry, in collaboration with industry, government and our wider communities.

There are many domestic and international cooperative institutes working closely with SKLAM, such as subcommittee of Metallurgical Reaction Engineering, Physical Chemistry of Process Metallurgy, Molten Salt, Continuous Casting, Special Steelmaking, Ironmaking, Steelmaking in Chinese Society for Metals. Also, SKLAM co-held academic conferences with several international institutes , including ICSTI,TOFA, CCC, Molten Salt Electrochemistry Seminar, IUPAC, and ICMSFS. What is worth mentioning is that we biennially organize and host our own international conference: Metallurgical Innovation Symposium, which has been increasingly influential in global ironmaking and steelmaking industry. We also hold dozens of lectures on Metallurgy and invite well-known international experts to give lectures to postgraduate students on a regular basis.